Hopefully, you have noticed we recently packaged up some of our most requested and helpful services for SME’s. You can now purchase Cloud Computing for your WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. Or a complete, configured eCommerce site based on WooCommerce or Magento, with feeds to all the major shopping sites. Once you’re up and running, you…

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Best of Breed XaaS and Cloud Computing

Word map of cloud computing terms

We prefer to promote the “Best of breed” approach to choosing technology and systems and we are working closely with a select number of software and services suppliers to offer a complete ICT function for your SME. Making available the best value and quality services that are usually denied to smaller companies because of cost…

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Data Protection and GDPR

GDPR Image

GDPR, nedwos, and what we think we know! “Ah, the GDPR from them EU people, coming over here and protecting our data rights” A quick Google or LinkedIn search for GDPR “Experts” reveals a lot of people who “know” what is needed for your business. Our principal attended a webinar recently with the Government about…

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the robots are coming

Don’t worry – not the Cyberdyne Systems series T-800 Model 101 (or its’ derivatives)! We mean intelligent chatbots that can hold near human-like conversations via computers or phones. Banking is usually an industry that leads where technology can replace the expensive and pesky humans that need holidays, pensions and lunch-breaks. Think of ATM’s – Automatic…

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AWS Outage

Graphic of broken rocket indicating AWS error

Oh No! We try to make sure all our clients transition to Cloud processing with minimal disruption. A question often asked is “What if Google/Amazon/Microsoft goes down? Our business will be stuck” .. to which we reply “That is very unlikely to happen however if it does, we have designed your systems to be resilient…

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Let’s level the playing field

Take on the Big Boys at their own game When you run your own business, it seems the playing field is not entirely level. Big tax breaks (and deals!), access to policy makers, use of latest technology – all areas where big business have it better than SME’s. Despite that SMEs create more jobs (15.7…

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Fighting the patent trolls

Microsoft has announced a great new scheme to help innovation and reduce the cooling effect of patent trolls. This is how patents should work – recognition and reward for the inventor, with enrichment and knowledge for society. Patent trolls buy patents and try to harass and extort money from the very people that generate ideas…

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AWS releases Glue

AWS Glue

AWS have released a new service called Glue. As the launch site says: “AWS Glue is a fully managed ETL service that makes it easy to move data between your data stores. AWS Glue simplifies and automates the difficult and time-consuming data discovery, conversion, mapping, and job scheduling tasks.”   This is such a…

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