GDPR Emails

Should you send us an email asking for us to “confirm your consent” then you either obtained our email without our permission, or you don’t have our consent in the first place. In either case, you sending us the email asking for “consent” is unlawful! (psst – Google PECR)

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Beware the ghost of Google Maps ..

Beware Google Maps scammers

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GDPR – Upcoming changes to Terms of Service

GDPR Image

GDPR We’ve all heard of it. Some people may even know about it. A lot may not know what to do about it. While the dust cloud settles, we’re updating our Terms of Service for some of our services to take into account changes by our partners as described in…

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Managed SSL for Google App Engine

GCP SSL Certificate

Yay! Google App Engine has just introduced managed SSL Certificates for Google App Engine. Have a look their blog post If you’ve watched Buganizer for the LetsEncrypt thread, you will know this has been a very much requested feature for several years. SSL is important because it stops eavesdropping…

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