We undertake a number of concurrent projects – in addition to the expected high technology and commercial projects, we have a few specifically for social responsibility and Non-Profits.

We are constantly looking for complementary groups where we can offer practical help with professional assistance, systems, and consultancy. In time, we are looking to offer grants to our partners.

Click on the links above to see our full range of ongoing projects, however, we are very proud of these particular projects:

  • the™ charitable organisation – provides practical information, support and help to Non-Resident Parents (NRP) that have lost contact with their children because the Parent with Care (PwC) has arbitrarily decided to stop access or authorities/agencies are not fulfilling their duty of care to the child and for both parents
  • Third Chamber – In the United Kingdom we live in a Parliamentary Democracy that delegates the electorate’s power to the Members of Parliament. We do not absolve this responsibility and we should have the chance to constantly check the work, processes and performance of OUR parliament.
  • – Specialising in ETL, semantic web design and disparate systems integration, are pioneers in the discrete collection, manipulation, translation and presentation of observations to offer coherent, consistent and accurate information.

and not forgetting our newest project – researching and applying heuristics, self-learning, self-organising data structures, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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