“G.A.L.M.I.” – Get A Little Man In

galmi was born out of the need to find reliable, competent tradespeople to undertake those niggly little “DIY” jobs!

For a lot of people, DIY is just wrong.  Our founder is often heard saying to tradespeople “Feel these hands, they are this soft because they’ve not done a day’s hard labour in their lifetime” .. which is true.

Each trade is listed, with validated contacts and their competencies.  If they say they’re in a particular scheme, have a look at their credentials.  If they have expired, you will know immediately.  If you’ve made contact through GALMI.CO.UK we will automatically keep you up-to-date when their qualifications and competencies need updating.

Of course, you could just “google it” .. but how do you know they are reliable? or will turn up when they say they will? We take care of the background checks and reputation, while you concentrate on getting the job done, with the least of fuss.

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