Data Protection and GDPR

GDPR, nedwos, and what we think we know!

“Ah, the GDPR from them EU people, coming over here and protecting our data rights”

A quick Google or LinkedIn search for GDPR “Experts” reveals a lot of people who “know” what is needed for your business.

Our principal attended a webinar recently with the Government about their SME access to Government spending. One of the interesting “takeaways” from it was that even the Government haven’t got their heads around GDPR and how it will affect their commercial relationships.

In light of this, we will reserve judgement until a little nearer to the time, along with reviewing the proposed Data Protection Bill.

Working with Microsoft, we have a very handy GDPR Preparedness Assessment toolkit and we will be contacting existing clients to offer our help with the new regulations. Of course, if you would like to speak to us before we have the chance to contact you, please feel free to contact us directly.

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