Let’s level the playing field

Take on the Big Boys at their own game

When you run your own business, it seems the playing field is not entirely level. Big tax breaks (and deals!), access to policy makers, use of latest technology – all areas where big business have it better than SME’s.

Despite that SMEs create more jobs (15.7 million; 60% of all private sector employment in the UK) and accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses at the start of 2016 and 99.9% were small or medium-sized (SMEs).

Source: UK Government Annual business population estimates for the UK and regions in 2016 https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/business-population-estimates-2016

nedwos can help

We can’t help with access to policy makers or get you a sweet deal from HMRC, but we CAN help you exploit technology to make your business grow and become more effective & efficient.

Most SMEs are in a unique position that the big boys are not in.

Small enterprises have not spent thousands of pounds on technical infrastructure – server rooms, telephone switchboards, software development, IT departments. This investment was crucial for large business operations, but just could not be justified when you’re a small engineering company employing 20 colleagues.

This is where SMEs can leap-frog the unwieldy and slow-moving corporations.

By embracing Cloud technology – where documents and processing are done in the “ether” – and using nedwos managed services, SMEs can have the very best business technology available; all day, every day.

“What does this mean?”  I hear you say

It means nedwos offer you:

  • 24-hour backup and support for your business critical systems
  • access to our expertise in business planning and management
  • managed enterprise class systems including
    • Security and Identity Management
    • Administration (email, word processing, spreadsheets etc)
    • Document and IP Management
    • Communications – mobile and landlines, broadband, wireless access points
    • Website, Social Media and marketing
    • CRM – Customer Relationship Management
    • Project Management

We researched the market and have chosen the “best of breed” for these systems. During this process, we cultivated close relationships with our technical partners to make sure you get the edge you need to compete with the Big Boys.

Contact us to arrange for one of our principals to go through how we can step up your game.

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