H2 already!

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Wow, time does fly when you’re busy.

We’re surprised it’s the second half of 2019 already, and US Independent Day this week too.

We’ve had some great progress with our Blue Routes project, along with some hiccups with the Government, but nothing that cannot be overcome with determination.

Jenny, our AI chat persona is learning more each day and we’re quietly impressed with “her” capabilities to handle most landlord, tenant and sub-contractor questions. The next step is to make Jenny truly multi-channel, bringing all conversations together so whether you’re using WhatsApp, FB Messenger, SMS, email or many more channels, they all come together under a single thread. This means if a tenant texts a question but then follows up with a WhatsApp message, Jenny will understand the context and respond appropriately, on the tenant’s preferred channel.

As a result of the success with Jenny, we’re applying our learning to create a new service for our SME clients. This will be a single interface that receives all chats and can also “talk” to other systems via their API’s. This will be packaged within a simple WordPress Plugin for their teams to use, or if you want a standalone product, it will be hosted within the nedwos cloud as a SaaS offering.

Our efforts to retain a determined and professional Sales Manager are renewed this quarter, and if you know of anybody that would suit working with a technologically driven company – let us know!

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