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Our Sales Agents can provide the following services

  • Lead Generation & Qualification
    • Pre-Qualified
      • Contacts [Type 1-C] (People with relevant job descriptions)
      • Prospects [Type 2-P] (People with a potential problem you can solve)
      • Suspects [Type 3-S] (People who have taken action regarding their problem eg download a document, perform a search etc.)
    • Qualified
      • Marketing Qualified Leads [Type 4-MQL] (People for whom contact information has been verified, scored and ranked – NB inbound enquiries may fall directly to this class)
      • Sales Qualified Leads [Type 5-SQL] (People that you’ve contacted regarding their problem that you have a relevant solution for)
  • Appointment and Meeting setting
    • Arrange appointments for face-to-face meeting(s) to further qualify your solution to their problem
  • Post Sales Support
    • Follow up after order completion, or contract commencement
    • Signpost to correct internal resource for issue resolution



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