Positive Consent

A new regulation (GDPR & GDPR UK) about Data Privacy means YOU are in control of the personal information we hold and process about you.

Obviously, this only applies to information that identifies a living person like your personal email address, or your home telephone number. nedwos also defines as personal some information you may not realise is personal such as IP Addresses, cookies, browser signatures etc used for session tracking and advertising. We feel it prudent to consider these and any related unique identifier as personal data

We transact business with both commercial and domestic clients and the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) recommendation is to get explicit consent for our opportunistic activities – this includes Marketing.  However, where we hold information to process services you have asked for we do not need your explicit consent.

When you start a commercial relationship with us, we have mandatory information we collect to process your order – address, credit card details etc. In addition, you may receive an email that will contain a link to an individual Consent Form for you to complete, or you may enter your details here:

If we already have a relationship (where you have bought products or services), you do not need to complete this form.  Otherwise, until this is completed, you may not have given us the necessary consent and so we may not be able to contact you with special offers or items of interest.

We use the Invisible reCAPTCHA on our site and specifically for forms capture. Please be aware the Invisible reCAPTCHA is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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